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Im so sick about these kind of people......
This is why I stand alone without friends..... Everyone bothering me. Anyone can't understand my feeling.
Im a very sensitive person. If you insult me or any other injuries, I'll will stay at home, being sad crying and shouting.
And this nobody can't understand THIS thing.

This is why I hate "friending" with everybody.
Like Rena said: "friends are here for amusing but in bad moment, they let you off".
What I try to said is, maybe I was able to become a friend with him, but he act like a jerk, like so many peaple I meet before.

Im really sick of this.
Hello !

Im here just to announce something:
I won't take any request anymore.
Don't ask me why, I won't respond.

I won't leave deviantart but I don't feeling very good right now.....
Maybe I'll take a break.

And yeah I know anyone will not read this but whatev' I like writting in english.

Well have a nice day.
Hello !

I know Im very inactive cause' school..... and other else.

This is why I didn't go on deviantart a looonnnnggggg time.
Well if you really want to see more of my pics, check my gg+ profile at "mes dessins" collections.

I REALLY think I'll leave deviantart... pretty boring.
Don't worry Im gg+ but I guess nobody/no one care....
Here is the link of my gg+ profile:…

I REALLY think I'll not going to stay here anymore, so maybe I should delette my account.
Well good bye.
I curently working on it . the mission is : DRAW SONAMY LIKE QUEENS AND KINGS IN THE CARTON NAMED "12 KINGDOMS" !
Check this cartoons ! he is very very good and exiting !
I currently play on freedom planet a sonic fan game made by galaxytrail ! This game is cooool ! His music , his graphic quality... Everything is cool in this game ! Just wonderful ! Oh ! And I played on sonic boom rise of lyric ! this game is cool too ! But... I finish the once time and... I m boring right now .
I currently udapte and finish my draws . After , I will color and post them soon ! Yeah Sonic La ! hmm... I think I must hurry up . So...
It's time to go and finish them ! Sonic Running 
I will post a of sonamy soon ! I currently work on it .